What is the Bates Method

quantum vision system reviewThe Bates Method is an alternative therapy for improving eyesight. It was developed by Dr. William Horatio Bates who proposed his method in 1891. He believed that many sight problems were caused by continued strain on the eyes and didn’t think that eyeglasses were usually necessary. Dr. Bates included several aspects of treatment that were to be used to improve eyesight. Although there were many critics who argued against his theories, variations of his methods are still being promoted such as the Quantum Vision System by Dr. Kemp. The following information discusses some of the techniques and treatments involved in the Bates Method.


Dr Bates believed that the way the eyes moved could affect eyesight. He thought shifting the eyes back and forth so the person would have the illusion of objects swinging would benefit the eyes. Other proponents of vision care simplified this technique by advising that individuals simply move their eyes up and down or from side to side.


This involves closing the eyes for several minutes at a time to help bring about relaxation. The best way to accomplish this was to cover the eyes with the palms so as not to put pressure on the eyeballs. It is recommended to spend time each day palming. It is important to be totally relaxed. This means the arms, hands, and the entire body should be calm and relaxed while palming.


The act of visualizing involves seeing things in the mind’s eye and then thinking about them in precise detail. Imagining and remembering small sections of images or letters that are black is an important aspect of the Bates Method.


Perhaps one of the more controversial aspects of Dr. Bates methods regards his promotion of looking directly at the sun. He promoted sungazing and believed that patients’ vision could improve after looking at the sun. Some aspects of sunning are not so extreme and involve using light from something as simple as a desk lamp.

Research regarding the Bates Method has had mixed results. There are still those today who promote at least parts of this method. A. Woodham, states in his book Health Education Authority Guide to Complementary Medicine and Therapies, “eye exercises can improve the sight in some cases…” He does go on, however, to state that it does take much dedication and that people should not expect miracles.

Tips On Getting Your Family to Eat Healthier

healthy dinnersEighty percent of people set their New Year’s resolution to lose weight and to eat healthier. However, many fail at that because they have trouble getting their family to follow along. When your family doesn’t support the new habit, it gets too hard to keep up with making two separate meals. Here are a few simple ways to help your family adjust to eating healthy dinners.

One of the first and easiest ways to help your family eat healthy is to not let them know. When someone hears that something is healthy, they automatically assume that it is nasty. That is not true many healthy foods are delicious. Kids love fruit and veggies they think of them as snacks and treats. Those are great healthy snacks. To make them even better buy organic when possible. Adding organic vegetables is a great way to get a more healthy dinners.

No eating out. You wouldn’t no believe how horrible fast food is for you. Not only fast food, but any eating out. There is nothing good about processed food with added fillers like MSG. Not only will not eating out help you eat healthier, but it will also help you save money. What can get much better than that?

When making a healthy dinner find a meat packed with protein. In addition to avoiding fatty meats also try to avoid the processed ones. When you can buy meats that are from grass fed farms, without added growth hormones. These are better for you and also tend to taste better. If you are adding pasta or bread to your healthy dinners, go for browns not white, such as whole wheat.

Larry McCleary of MeCleary Scientific once said “About eighty percent of the food on the shelves of supermarkets today didn’t exist 100 years ago.” So Another way to make sure you have a healthy dinner is to remove temptation. Don’t shop down the aisle at the store that might tempt you to buy something that isn’t good for you. Avoid the can good aisle and the sweets. Always buy fresh, that is the best. If you want a dessert for after dinner its doesn’t have to be processed. Fruit and yogurt parfaits are a great example of a healthy after dinner dessert.

Its the little changes in your dinners that will help your family eat healthy dinners. Try a few of these little tips and you should start seeing a change.

The Secret Health Risks of Gum Disease

dangers of gum diseaseMany people think that their teeth are their only oral health concern. Even though it is important to ensure that your teeth are clean, it is also crucial to have healthy gums to support them. Just like cavities, gum disease is caused by bacteria. The dangers of gum disease are an acute and prevalent issue.

According to the American Academy of Periodontology, 50 percent of adults in America have periodontitis (a severe form of gum disease) that jeopardize your teeth and the overall health.

What is Gum Disease?

If you do not brush your teeth regularly, you are exposing them to a condition known as plague. If left untreated, it can harden into tartar, which is not easy to remove. Plaque and tartar can extend below or above the gum line. If your gums get infected, they can lead to other dangers of gum disease which have been linked with the following conditions:

Heart Disease – Periodontal disease can worsen an existing heart condition or put you at significant risk of developing heart conditions

Diabetes- The symptoms of diabetes are both a cause and an effect of gum disease. You are at a greater risk of suffering from diabetes if you suffer from gum disease. To make matters worse, it will be difficult to manage your blood sugar if your gums are already infected and weight management is always critical to control your diabetes.

Cancer- Gum disease can negatively affect your overall immune system. It can also lead to the systemic circulation issue that put you at a higher risk of developing kidney, pancreatic and blood cancers.

Stroke-Medical studies have shown that gum disease is a risk factor for stroke. According to the Journal of Vascular Surgery periodontal disease, is also related to cerebrovascular disease.

Respiratory Problems- When you breathe bacteria from your mouth into the lungs, you are putting yourself more susceptible to respiratory diseases.

What are the Symptoms of Gum Disease?

Unfortunately, many people are not aware that they have gum disease. Understanding the signs of gum infections can enable you to seek help early enough so that you can prevent the dangers of gum disease. Seek help if you notice the following symptoms:

-Bleeding gums

-Uncomfortable or sensitive gums when you drink, eat, brush or floss

-Halitosis (bad breath)

-Shifting or moving teeth

-Spaces between your teeth and gums

-The presence of a whitish liquid in your gums filled with bacteria

-Differences in you bite, the alignment of your bottom and top teeth

Your overall health can be impacted by the state of your gums. Visit your dentist if you notice any symptom of gum disease to avert the dangers of gum disease and preserve your beautiful smile!